Desarrollando un videogame: revision 15

Una conversación por email sobre la API.

Algunas cosas que no llegué a mencionar en el blog porque preferí resolverlas, sin hacer demasiadas menciones. Quizás a veces, se vuelve más fácil, resolver el problema o salir del paso sin hacer incapié, reflexiones o menciones del problema.

Claro que no es siempre, algunas veces parece ser necesario expresar la idea, escribirla y mirarla un poco desde afuera, poniendo a la idea esa, en algun lado donde se pueda leer, observar, que no sea la propia imaginación.

En fin, acá algunos mails:

I can’t tell anything precisely about the calls I’m executing as I have many, in a 1,500 lines PHP API, connected to another 1,500 lines game made in Node, which is multiplayer… so basically 1 player could be executing some calls thru the API in some specific order as another one is doing something else completely different.

We’re gonna need some kind or report system, if you have something already done, please let me know as it will be really useful to analyse and optimize once we have more players.

Kind regards;
Chris C. Russo

El 24/08/2018 a las 06:55 p.m., Team escribió:

Hi Chris

Can you tell us how you’re executing the calls? What calls are you executing? What is the timing in between calls? What responses do they return and what did you expect them to return?

Support Team, Inc.

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 6:24 PM, Chris C. Russo wrote:


At this moment I’m working on the integration with your webhooks in order to reduce the amount of requests as much as possible.

The mentioned issue happens, when there’s at least 4 to 5 players, and each one is doing requests into our API, which goes to yours. Perhaps we can schedule a day during the next week in order to test this trying to reproduce it?

Kind regards;


El 23/08/2018 a las 07:50 p.m., Team escribió:

Hi Christian

We’ll need more information to replicate the issue you see. Is this happens once, it should happen again (should be replicable). Are you able to reproduce this? How?

Support Team, Inc.

On Wed, Aug 22, 2018 at 9:38 PM, Christian C. Russo wrote:


We have been testing a game using as background, to process all the bitcoin transactions. We have found that at some point the API doesn’t longer return the expected data, and all user’s balances go directly to zero.

We have now upgraded our plan and I’m trying to find where we could optimise. I understand I could now get the balances using web hooks instead of making a request from our end, however I’m not sure if the problem previously described was caused by balance requests or by the multiple small transfers that could be done during the game play.

Do you have any kind of records where we could look up which queries overwhelmed the previous plan in order to know where we should optimise?

Thanks in advance for your help, and let’s hope for a long term partnership! Kind regards; Chris

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